Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, my friend Kelly and I went shopping after work today (one of the perks to finishing work at 3pm). As I said before, I was on the hunt for jeans or boots. As the sale gods would have it, I found both plus a great top to complete the outfit! Usually trying on jeans, or any pants for that matter, ends up trying my patience. But I hit gold with the second pair!! Kelly kept searching while I was trying on and finally the perfect top was located. We then mosied on over to the shoe department. Now, I absolutely love shoes, but there are some might ugly shoes out there and I am amazed that there are actually people out there who'll buy them. Anyhoo, on the sale rack I found exactly was I was looking for. Plus, the regular price of $80 was reduced to the current $22!! You can't beat that, just can't.

Anyhow, it was pretty chilly out, ok-it was cold, and the mall is an outdoor mall. We decided that dinner was next on the agenda and came back to this fabulous Italian restaurant near where I live. Mmmmm...wonderful as always, and with plenty of leftovers as always. I don't think that I have ever been able to finish a meal there; they give you so much yumminess.

When we left the restaurant I got to see the late beginning of the lunar eclipse. Yea! (you can't see me, but I'm doing mental cartwheels) Then when we got back to my house, we had a great view and the sky was so clear, it was unbelievable. I just went back out to check and the moon is starting to re-appear. I am just glad that the winter storm I've been hearing about for the last couple of days decided to prove the weather-folk wrong (shocking, right?) and not materialize quite as they had predicted, thus enabling me to have this small joy.

I have so much going on in upcoming days off (I view my schedule in terms of days off, as opposed to the more common 'week'). Tomorrow I have a noon lunch with a friend and then a doctor's appointment. Friday I actually have to work half a day (hey, 4 hours overtime is 4 hours overtime!). Saturday I am having dinner with Sue, who is quite possibly my oldest friend. I have been friends with Sue and her sister Sarah for over 25 years! Now that Sue lives only 2 hours away, we try to have dinner together every so often. Then on my next Friday off I'm going out with the girls (thus the newly purchased outfit) and then the Friday after that I am visiting my next oldest friend, Teri, who lives about 2 hours away as well! It's strange for me to have things planned so far in advance! I usually haven't thought about the day after tomorrow, never mind the week after!!

Well, even though it isn't a work night, it is still past my bedtime and I need all the beauty rest I can get! I do hope that you all were able to catch at least a glimpse of the eclipse. I just think it is so cool!! Bon soir!

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