Thursday, February 14, 2008

Butterflies and puppy dogs

Ah, amore....that's right, today was that day. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

So I had a vanity appointment, as I call it, after work. This brought me to a part of town I usually avoid only because I have an intense dislike for driving on the main thruway of our fair 'city'. But since I was there I checked off a few items from my to-do list. I got feisty while driving so decided it was probably best to leave the rest of my list for tomorrow. As my mother once put it, I have the mentality of a New York driver, but the manners of a Virginia driver. I do, however, believe I was holding back on my NYer as she was in the car with me. But as my reward for good behavior every song on the radio was one I loved! It's really a shame that you can't dance while you're driving.

Ever have one of those days where - WOW - you just look
good?? Today was not that day, but the other night was. I even had to call my mom to tell her it was such a tragedy that no one could appreciate how perfectly everything came together. (I can feel my brother rolling his eyes this very moment!) Who knew you could still have great hair after going to the gym? The kicker is that all this new makeup that I ordered (yes, off of QVC, but it's soooooooooo much cheaper than retail!) was beckoning me from my doorstep when I got home. So, of course, I played, and it is wonderful! Why can't I ever achieve this look before going out somewhere instead of at 9pm when it's time to take a shower and go to bed?? Fate can be cruel. :)

In honor of this day, Yahoo had an article about various flowers and their
hidden meanings. Daisies are probably my favorite and they supposedly mean Innocence. I just think they're sweet. And I do like the traditional Valentine's Rose, but please don't give me red. Yellow or pink would be my pick. While they mean "joy and friendship" and "gratitude and appreciation" respectively, I would know it meant you knew me!

Ok--I just had to add this one last tid-bit. Earlier I had emailed my parents inquiring about the Valentine's Day plans, if any. In an email from my father: Mom said, "we don't do Valentine's Day because it's a coercive holiday." Well that's just TERRIBLE MOTHER!!! One should always expect romance! It pains me that mum is not so much on the romantic side. Where did I come from?????

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