Tuesday, February 19, 2008

really, just Tuesday?

Why isn't it Friday? It feels like it should be. But, alas, another day of work before I can play. Hopefully playtime will begin immediately afterwards. A friend and I are going shopping, so that should be fun. I am on the hunt for either a new pair of jeans or a new pair of boots to go out in. It's a toss up as to which will be purchased--will I run out of patience trying on jeans before I break down and spend the extra dollars on boots? Hmmmm....

So I finally went to the gym again after work. I've been such a slacker lately. I almost cut my workout short, because I had such a headache. I don't know what in the world stresses me so much, but I have all this tension in my neck and shoulders and have regular headaches because of it. Anyway one of the guys gave me a quick neck massage which helped a ton. Now, he absolutely gives me the creeps, but I know he totally means to help me and isn't hitting on me or anything--well, it took a few moments to convince myself of that. I tensed up a bit in a I-don't-want-you-touching-me-but-I-don't-want-to-offend-you way. Then I realized he truly meant no harm and I relaxed. Earlier in the day I had wondered aloud about the possibility of getting those massage deals you put on your chair. I don't believe I've ever had an idea shot down so quickly--something about being lulled to sleep!! :)

Ah-ha! I know what stresses me (this would be my Eureka! moment)--my dog! My dopey but lovable, goofy but sweet dog. I came home to find stuff from the trash can strewn about the house. It's pretty rare that this happens, and usually means there had been something tempting and I didn't close the lid. She's all happy to see me, wagging her tail and whole self, and I'm being a dork and rubbing her neck saying, "Hi silly goose," in my ridiculous Jill-voice, BUT there is no mistaking the moment I spy her mischief. Suddenly I sound so stern and glare at her with my mean face (trust me, I'm so not convincing). She puts her head down and skulks behind the dining room table. Then I just say, "Bad dog, what's wrong with you?" She has no idea what I mean and then it's all over. I'm not a real harsh disciplinarian. This could explain why this happens from time to time?

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