Friday, April 18, 2008

My affair with Murphy's Law

Ever have one of those days?

I had this plan, see, to get all sorts of things done--mainly mow the yard. I get the mower out of the shed, I engage the blades and off I go! Well, I get about 30 minutes into it and the mower starts to die. Thinking it's a low gas issue, I run down the road to fill up the 5 gal gas tank, and $15 later find out that the mower had a nearly full tank of gas!! So I try starting it up again and *crack* it backfires, scaring the daylights out of me. Now I'm worried, and I know nothing about engines or mowers or whatnot. I call Phil: voicemail. I call Dad: voicemail. So now what?

Phil calls back shortly thereafter. We talk about a couple of things, and his best guess is that one of the safety features is malfunctioning. Well that's just great. So I now have a mowed slash through my yard and no way to finish and no immediate hope of having the rest mowed. I push the mower back towards the shed and, well, try to get over it. (obviously not doing so well!)

So I decide to wash my car. That, at least, goes ok. Then I figure I should probably water the plants. I put the spray nozzle on, turn the hose back on and find myself soaking wet! The spray nozzle has reached the end of its lifespan and thanked me by cracking on the side allowing the pressurized water to hug me--how sweet.

I'm now a little peeved, so I don't care how many more things are on my list, I am not doing a single thing more! I get my chair out of the shed and plop right in the middle of my unmowed yard and read. While I'm reading a friend calls. Why do people ask you how you are and how your day went if they don't really want to hear the answer? I'm not even sure they noticed the fact that I said my mower died.

Anyway, any single event that happened today would generally bug me and nothing more, but the compilation of them all...that's a different story. I've decided Murphy loves me.

As an unrelated aside, I'm taking off the National Geographic daily photo thing. They have such fabulous pictures, but they seem to be keeping them in the vault as I've only seen one that I've liked so far. Oh well....

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