Saturday, August 2, 2008

Start at the crack of dawn....

So this morning started with another running/training session. I met my friend and it was off to the UVa track. Today's run was 3 miles through some of UVa Grounds (heaven forbid you call it a campus). While I did not run the whole 3, I ran most of it and finished middle of the pack. It was a tad on the humid side, but the sun was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Thank goodness for small favors! My friend has decided that she will not be running the race. I think it mostly has to do with her dissatisfaction with where she's at, but.... I am looking forward to the race and seeing how far I've come!!

So at 9:45, after the stretching we do after each run, I'm driving my friend back to her car, and I see that I have a voicemail. So I listen to the message from one of my most favorite people who had the gall to suggest I was still sleeping at 9:30!!! Hmmph! I was out the door by 7am thank you very much! Don't worry, though, a proper harassment and grief-giving session has been completed! LOL

After I got home it was right to the mower for a properly done job this time. It looks good, and I've decided that it will really look great for next spring. Now just some relaxation and laundry.

BTW, tomorrow starts my 10-hour schedule. I've thoroughly enjoyed finishing my days at 3, but getting a 3rd day off in exchange for just 2 more hours a day--I think I like!!!

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