Saturday, August 30, 2008

4 Miler


Today was the Charlottesville Women's 4-Miler, and I am thrilled that I've completed my first 'race.' The day started early--I had to leave my house at 5:45 to arrive at Foxfield Racetrack by 6:45. I am usually blissfully unaware of the 5 o'clock hour as I am generally quite content and cozy and in bed--sleeping!!! But today I had plans!

The course is scenic with some gentle hills since no where in central Virginia are you going to find a flat road! The last several weeks I haven't been running as much as I should in preparation for this, but that wasn't going to keep me from running the race. My goals were simple: finish, and do it under an hour. The day turned out to be rather hot and humid, unfortunately, but almost everyone worked through it. The farm fences along the last mile are decorated with banners bearing the names of loved ones' who've been affected by cancer of some sort. It's very touching to see all the names, recognize some and see runners taking pictures with "their" banners after the race. It really does remind you what you're running for and gives you that extra push you need to finish up that last hill (little hill, but looong).

When I crossed the line the clock read 1:00:25. Unfortunately I forgot to take note of the time on the clock when I crossed the starting line, so I'm a couple of minutes under that--I won't know until tomorrow when times are posted.

All in all I'm very pleased and plan on running the race again next year. No worries that I'll become a runner, though! Someone had mentioned I should do a triathlon since I also bike ride, and I must admit that swimming is probably my only natural athletic ability. BUT I am soooooo not near being ready for something like that. My friend Sue is doing her first triathlon this fall, and she's a lifelong athlete. Maybe I'll keep this up, train for the Charlottesville Ten Miler in the spring (one of the nation's favorites, I might add!) and see if Sue wants to do the triathlon again next year. Hmmmm.....

Post race I waited in line for almost an hour for a therapeutic sports massage. Aside from pestering my mom to rub my shoulders, I've never had a real massage before. During this time my dad called thinking I'd be done and on my way home--I texted my parents shortly after I finished to say YEA!! And my best friend called to check on me and see how I did and tell me the nicest, "I told you so" ever. He was one of my few encouragers for this race and never doubted that I could do it and never called me crazy for wanting to try.

Early morning arrivals

About 30 minutes before staging

After finally getting my massage and ready to head car, alone by the tree

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