Friday, August 8, 2008

And yet, there's still one more!

What a great day! I really like this 3 days off bit!!

After a most excellent morning, I pondered what to do with the rest of my Friday. I decided to take Jill for a walk to see how she'd do in case I decide to take her jogging one day. Due to the whole invisible fence deal, it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her onto the road. But we made it, and had a lovely walk. We went maybe a mile or so and talked with our neighbors Jay & Amy on the way back. During our chat I mentioned Jill's never-ending shedding. With that, Jay brought out the FURminator!!! I've pondered one of these for a while because all I hear are raves about it, but it costs about $60!! I'm so excited to try it out and see how well it really works!

After our stroll through the neighborhood, I finished raking up all the rocks and "stuff" where the sheds used to be. Now I'll be able to run the mower over the scraggly grass that's persevering in the dust bowl without worry about slinging rocks everywhere.

Now I'm just enjoying the lovely evening. In the morning we'll see how much my body decides to protest the hours of raking, though--just in time for my Saturday morning running!

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