Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm trying to figure out how to say all I want to say and have it flow, but I just don't think that's gonna happen! Since I happen to me having dinner at the moment, I'll start by saying that I highly recommend Barilla's Black and Greene Olives sauce. It's excellent! And speaking of tomato sauce, my plan is that when my parents are here, my mom and I will make real sauce the proper way. I've done it before, and it turns out pretty well, but you can't make just a little! So I need to do it when I have family here. This is one of many times when I wish my grandfather was here and he could show me how he made it.

Nothing beats drifting off to sleep to the steady cadence of crickets. A couple of nights last week would have been perfect for such. However I'm not in an area where you can leave your windows open at night....such is life.

Dance classes have been going exceptionally well! I absolutely LOVE them!! They have, however, kept me incredibly busy as I had classes M, T & W. Monday: Salsa, Tuesday: Cha Cha, and Wed was a private lesson. With this being the final week of the month, it is also my final week of classes. I am undecided where to go from here. The 'group' class is a lot of fun, but I learn so much more in the private lessons--fine tuning, we'll say. While talking with mum last night, we ended our conversation with the understanding I would only do one group class (Foxtrot). After my lesson tonight....not really wanting to give up the private lessons. Dollars might decide for me, though. They really do suck you in with the "Introductory Package"!!!!!

OH, and training for the Charlottesville Women's 4 Miler is still going ok. With the race coming up in about 5 weeks, I have decided that regardless what I do with dancing, I have to cut back. I need more days to run on my own and also try to get in some bike riding, too. And don't fret, there's still time to sponsor me or the run in general for any dollar amount or for $50 you can sponsor a sign for the Motivational Mile--the final mile where signs are posted in remembrance and for encouragement for that last bit. While I'm pretty sure my time will not ever be mentioned on this blog, I will finish the race and be pleased with my accomplishment.

Oh Happy Days!!! :)

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