Monday, January 12, 2009

Over the moon

Saturday night had the brightest full moon of the year (guess it's all down hill from here!). I didn't take note that evening, but in the morning on my way to work....WOOOOOOOW. It was beautiful!

Needless to say, at 6:30 on Sunday morning, I am pretty much alone on the interstate. The luminosity of the moon was incomparable, and I was a bit mesmerized by its awesomeness. In all honesty I could have turned off my headlights and seen as well as in the daytime. It was somewhat like driving into the sun, though, and I had a fleeting thought to pull down my "sun" visor since the moon was affecting my night vision. I just couldn't block the view, though--absolutely gorgeous.

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Ben Shaw said...

Thank you for your comments - and forgiveness for being an awful person. What fun it was...

Below is a link to a zoom shot I took of the moon in Bayfield, CO last October. Unfortunately, facebook does not permit a larger viewing of the photo - which is actually about 3 feet wide. Pity. Use your imagination, I guess?