Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!!

Brrr!!! Temperatures have certainly taken a dip today. Mom and I made a quick dash into town to ship some packages and buy what we needed for Christmas dinner. The unfortunate timing for this trip was the fact that a huge winter storm was quickly approaching our area--and the whole East Coast for that matter--thus crowds of people overflowing the grocery store. We managed to escape our adventure unscathed. Actually, it was far less crowded when we were ready to check out than when we walked in with one of the very last carts available. Seeing as how I was left navigating the chaos with the cart as my mother darted about unencumbered, I told her that she got to treat me to Starbucks!

After loading our loot into the car, and seeing as how it was cold enough to NOT worry about the food spoiling, we walked down to Blockbuster hoping to find a good rental for our snowy weekend. Apparently, judging by the line and the empty shelves at 11am, we were a bit late in our plan of action. My boyfriend managed to take a quick break from work and had coffee with us at Starbucks where we enjoyed piping hot beverages, tasty treats and amusing (i.e pick on Jordan) conversation.

Mom and I beat the snow home, but not by much. It started around 5pm, and as of 9:30 we have about 8 inches with more to come. Current forecasts say anywhere from 18-24" by the time it's all said and done. I certainly plan to thoroughly enjoy the snow tomorrow. However, I have several friends who have to work through the night and tomorrow, so I worry about them seeing as how their job is basically driving around responding to the accidents caused by people who felt the need to drive in the "blizzard" and other emergencies that may arise. Judging by friends' Facebook posts, traffic is slow moving--literally 2mph all across the county.

But, the snow makes everything look beautiful and peaceful. Despite the snow that was way above my boots, I had to take a nighttime photo of my house. Cozy is what comes to mind. Now it's time for pj's and hot cocoa. Tomorrow is soon enough for some shoveling...and snow angels, too! :) I will enjoy this White Christmas.

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