Saturday, August 22, 2009

A little nuts...

Wow. So not a single post in all of July. Shame on me. Needless to say I've been busy with all the wonderful things life has thrown my way. I make it through my blessedly short work week and run far too quickly through my days off. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy my job, but working all but one day with one of the most dour, negative people I've ever met takes its toll. I wonder how someone can be in such a foul state all the time, and then I realize that once upon a time I was perhaps not all so different. BUT, I decided that being like that made me absolutely miserable. So now I am obnoxiously happy. Add to that being crazy in love and it's just enough to make your friends gag. :)

My whimsical moment of the day happened perhaps 20 minutes ago. While standing at my kitchen sink, looking out into the pasture behind my house, I see a fluffy squirrel scurry across my yard. I can tell he's carrying something, but I can't figure out what. Mid stride he pauses and looks right at the window where I'm standing. In his mouth he's carrying what looks like a hickory nut dumbbell! On either side of his face are two green hickory nuts (I assume), slightly smaller than golf balls. He was absolutely adorable and quite possible the cutest thing I've seen all day. After a brief, few seconds he continued his race across the yard to his cozy home in one of my trees. He absolutely made me smile and warranted an excited text to my very patient sweetie who always humors me in my zanier moments.

Anyhow, for now the rain has returned and the skies have darkened. I suppose I will get back to laundry and then continue my push through Japanese defenses on Call of Duty. I don't know what I'm going to do when my friend asks for her XBOX back!! Hope you are all happy and well!!

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